Nursing Home & Acute Care


Hiring a consultant versus an employee has many benefits-

  • Access to a team of dietitians with decades of experience and clinical and food service experience.
  • Fill temporary, part time or prn positions
  • Eliminate the overhead of benefit costs such as Employers tax (State and Federal Social Security, Medicare, and State Taxes), Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Days, Paid Health Insurance, Paid Holidays, 401K, Maternity Leave, Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance.
  • Never have to worry about a staffing a dietitian position if someone is out of work.

MNT, INC. Long Term Care and Acute Care

MNT, Inc. provides high quality dietitian services to long term care and acute care institutions both in the clinical setting and food service.

Services can be provided –

  • Full time
  • Part Time
  • Permanent employment
  • Temporary employment (For example medical leaves, vacations, maternity leaves, etc.)

MNT Inc.’s Dietitians Can Offer-

  • Assessment and assistance in facilitating delivery of effective nutritional care to residents by working through the facility staff to enhance the nutritional status, quality of life, and dignity of the residents/patients.
  • Complete clinical assessment needs of your residents/patients.
  • Knowledge of the MDS 3.0 system in the long term care setting.
  • Implementation and management of a Nutrition At Risk Program.
  • Consultation regarding cost-effective food purchasing, menu revision, recipe standardization, equipment evaluation and specifications, budgets, departmental policies and procedures, and progress of the department.
  • Assistance/ training in food preparation while enhancing the taste and presentation.
  • Assistance or the development of a dietary department policy and procedure manual and keeping that manual up to date by annual reviews and revisions.
  • Plan/ revise menus according to the above requirements, with assistance from the Food Service Manager, as requested.
  • Approves all menu changes and substitutions.
  • Plans and delivers in-service education programs and training as necessary for employees of the dietary and/or nursing departments.
  • Inspects kitchen for sanitary practices and makes recommendations necessary to maintain good sanitary conditions in the kitchen.
  • Observes food production, food assembly and serving procedures.
  • Evaluates the food as to acceptability, taste, appearance, temperature, and portion size.
  • Evaluates safety of food handling procedures and employee infection control techniques.


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